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At Clear Choice Windows, we offer an effective solution to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Green Energy Barrier attic foil insulation is your solution to regulating the comfort of your home. Instead of just resisting heat, the barrier system reflects heat by acting as a radiant technology. This is the same type of material used in NASA spacesuits!

Effective Attic Insulation System

Our insulation products are affordable and will help reduce the cost of your electric bill from month

to month.

  • Warm winters and cool summers

  • Immediate reduction in energy costs

  • Comfortable interior of your home

  • Lower cost of living

Benefits of Green Energy Barrier Insulation

During the summer, the heat that collects in your attic from the sun beating down on your roof is reflected back with our reflective attic insulation. Our product reflects up to 97% of that heat. Throughout the winter, as the heat in your home rises, the reflective insulation traps it and keeps it inside your home.


In addition to our Green Energy Barrier system, we offer a radiant barrier system to permanently reduce your electric costs. Our radiant barrier has the ability to reflect heat energy instead of sucking it in. This means that your home or business will stay much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


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